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Is business delivering the results you want?

Our high-impact technical trainings can help turn things around.

Tough work, but worth it.

Awake Minds Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

Our unique 6-day bootcamp for entrepreneurs drills the required technical expertise needed by all entrepreneurs to kick-start their business. From financial projections to strategic mapping, we are as dedicated as they are in seeing ideas leap off a page and become a reality. Our success stories include: 

  • Sponsored by the British High Commission Kuala Lumpur, the Awake Minds Youth and Women Entrepreneur Bootcamp trained over 20 budding Malaysian entrepreneurs. From this workshop, several went to establish award-winning businesses of their own, notably in the arts and literary fields, with their works acknowledged by local and foreign governments, including Taiwan and China.

  • As the ecosystem training partner for the Entrepreneur's Hub at Tunku Abdul Rahman College, the cohort of Awake Minds Entrepreneurs successfully went on to pitch their ideas to VCs and angels.


Awake Minds Media Bootcamp

Our 4-day Media Bootcamp is a toolkit for brands preparing for a media blitz. Some common (but crucial) questions that we help companies navigate:

  • Are you seeing ROI from your current PR strategy?

  • Positioned yourself strategically in the media landscape?

  • Have you positioned the brand to its strengths?

  • Is your messaging tone-deaf or on-point?

  • Are you pulling the correct levers or engaging the right influencers?

  • Is your team media trained?

  • Have you mitigated your risks? 

  • Do you have a possible crisis on your hands?

We recognise that small-business owners as well as corporates because their needs and media reach is different. Our specialisms include crisis management and liaison trainings. We've successfully assisted governments, C-suites, global brands, MNCs, activists, authors, and small-business owners in getting them airtime on TV, radio, newswires, print magazines, newspapers, online news portals and social media.

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