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Be fearless.

Our flagship youth mentorship

commences after a 3-year hiatus.

Pre-register now.

We create safe spaces for expression and are trained in effective conflict resolution techniques.

Awake Minds Mentorship

A 12-month programme for youth aged 15 to 19. Our flagship training changes the 'inner world' of young people to help them overcome anxieties, become positive role models and lead optimal lives. Tapping into our vast network of global and local leaders in Malaysia, we open their minds to diverse subjects - art, literature, music, social movements, politics, law, architecture, world history, current affairs and media and more. We channel a sense of inner worth, a love for learning and inspire them towards a more ethical way of life. Volunteerism and exposure trips are also crucial aspects of the programme. Alumni include students from public and international schools, colleage and university students, refugees and other socio-economic groups. 

Acceptance into the Mentorship is subject to screening and interviews. Scholarship available for under-resourced groups and individuals.

The details


Every Saturday

The programme runs anywhere between 4 to 6 hours every Saturday for a year. Exceptions granted for special occasions and holidays.

Chart analysis

Screened and vetted

Participation is subject to interviews and screening for suitability.


Discovery sessions

Participants interact with local and international thought leaders, head out for exposure trips, city-wide excursions.

Food Donation

Giving back

Volunteerism is part of the programme. Be prepared to get your hands dirty and interact with people from all walks of life.

Support Group

Tight-knit team

Small cohort size of maximum 6 participants. Alumni often come back to act as guides in our 'buddy system'.

Image by Felipe Gregate

Global network

Completion of the 12-month mentorship plus a final task awards graduates entry into our alumni, benefitting from our private global network of supporters.

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