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Mum or Dad
slowing down

Worried about losing them to dementia?

Act today to slow the decline.

Every day counts.

Within 1 month of joining the Brain Club, participants and families have seen: 

  • Higher levels of awareness

  • Increase in cognition test scores

  • Better sleep quality

  • Improved posture, stability and flexibility

  • Less 'spacing out' and more communicative demeanour

Jan 2024 intake is closed. Register to get on our waiting list.
cceptance to the Brain Club is subject to assessment and interviews.

We believe dementia is reversible

as shown by the ReCODE Protocol by Dr Dale E Bredesen, MD.

We've tested it. It works for us. Now, we're here for other families who want to see change in their mums and dads.


With the optimal blend of nutritious food, stimulating activities and stimulating environment,

the Awake Minds Brain Club is developed specifically for seniors to 

enhance mental health & socialise

+ improve cognitive functions

+ get power-packed meals

           We are professionally certified to administer the Montreal Cognitive Assessment

       (MoCA), a global industry standard for cognitive testing. 

We are an approved research partner with Alzheimer’s Research UK. 

As of Sept 2023, we signed an industry partnership with the International Medical University of Malaysia (IMU).  

The Brain Club regiment consists of
Senior Computer Class

Brain training to improve neuroplasticity

Hundreds of scientific papers prove the importance of brain training. Some programmes reduce the risk of dementia by nearly 50% ten years after regular training, more than any drug ever has. Our cognitive training sessions enhance neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to form and recognise synaptic connections), which is crucial to learning and to alleviate depression. We use physical in-person brain exercises and also computers and specialised software proven to speed up restoration of memory and logical thought patterns.

Food Photography
Happy old Asian couple gardening

Arts, crafts & music for emotional management

Tactile experiences help to control stress and enhancing relaxation. They also enable us to fail safely and handle our emotions. Our workshops include:

  • Thematic guided painting - bear brick, batik, acrylic, 3D, watercolours

  • Therapeutic horticulture - ikebana, flower arranging, herb garden 

  • Food memory stimulation - cooking, baking, pastry making 

  • Tactile activities - making soaps, lotions, batik, fabric and paper crafting

  • Immersive actions - music therapy, vocalisations, instrumentation

  • Giving back - volunteerism with selected partner NGOs in Klang Valley

Food Photography

Exercise & resistance training to prevent falls

We lead our lives sitting at a desk, in front of a TV, on the sofa, watching videos on our mobile phones. Research shows that sitting is detrimental to cognitive and physical health. Our focus is to get seniors working out in high-oxygen environments and regular exercise to build core strength. This is to avoid future falls and blackouts. It is also crucial to reduce insulin resistance and increase the size of the hippocampus, both needed in the effort to beat dementia. We dedicate at least 60 minutes to this through:

  • Nature walks

  • Weight training

  • Pilates & yoga

  • Body movement & awareness 

  • Physio & posture stabilisation

Food Photography
Street Food

Tailored meals to reverse mental decline

Food is critical to brain function. Our low glycemic index, heart-healthy foods are ideal for diabetics and blood pressure management. The objective is to reduce inflammation, heal the gut, balance hormones and eliminate consumption of toxins as part of reversing mental decline.


Our Awake Minds meals are well-rounded, delicious and make eating exciting again. Enjoy a different cuisine daily - Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Italian and more. You can also subscribe to our meal package even if you don't join our trainings - limited packs are available; priority is for caregivers or people with severe afflictions. 

Feet at spa pedicure procedure

Self-love, grooming for hygiene & motivation

Changes in personality, mood and behaviour are challenges for families impacted by dementia. Through exciting grooming and personal care sessions, we motivate participants to relearn the basics in life by providing for these activities*:

  • Manicures and pedicures

  • Hair dressing and grooming

  • Makeup, cosmetics, colour coordination and dressing

  • Gentle massage and reflexology 

  • Personal hygiene and nutrition talks with experts

  • Annual 'Get Up & Groove' photo shoots with the family


* Some activities are opt-in for participants.​

Food Photography
Women Laughing on Beach

Rejuvenating day trips to reconnect with people

The Awake Minds philosophy promotes safe spaces and independent living. We encourage participants to overcome fear and venture outdoors to lead high-quality lives. Our guided excursions include: 

  • Grocery and household shopping to promote responsible living

  • Exploration of events and exhibitions in the city

  • Indoor walkabouts throughout Klang Valley to reach their 10k steps

  • Day trips and fun excursions outside of Klang Valley

  • 'Makan' trips to explore new cuisine and interact with new spaces and people

  • Therapeutic interactions with children, youth and animals

The details


3 days a week at locations throughout Klang Valley

The programme runs 3 days a week for each cohort from 9am to 5pm. No two days are the same as we bring participants to different locations and workshops.

Chart analysis

Screened and vetted

Participation is subject to interviews and screening for suitability, including free cognitive assessment.

Young Driver

Driver included*

Trusted and familiar driver will pick up and drop off from Bangsar South +15km radius

*subject to min. of 5 participants per cohort.


Trained staff

Fully supervised by trained staff and professionals.

We are professionally certified to administer the Montreal Cognitive Assessment

       (MoCA), a global industry standard for cognitive testing.

Assisting the Elder

Personalised attention

Small cohort size of maximum 6 participants. 1:2 ratio of supervisors to participants


Join for a minimum of 3 months then, renew every 3 months ongoing

Click the video to see what we do

Upcoming Event

Family Visit

Visitor's Day

Welcome to our new Awake Minds™ Centre.

Learn about our philosophy

and what we do.

*Strictly by appointment only. Due to Covid-19,

each visitor must self-test test and provide proof of

negative result prior to entering the premise.

We reserve the right to decline entry to individuals who do not comply

 to Covid-19 SOPs, including the wearing of masks.

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