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The Awake Minds™ Centre is a training facility and spin-off from the multi-award-winning social enterprise, Akasaa.

Since 2008, Awake Minds™ is a trusted partner to deliver science-backed, data-driven trainings for universities, colleges, governments, multinationals, C-suites, NGOs, charities, and those in search of a better way forward. The Awake Minds™ training methodology was developed and fine-tuned through years of testing with real-life audiences in academic and organisational settings.

We specialise in cognitive trainings for people wanting to enhance their mental agility. Corporates are invited to enquire about HRDF-accredited programmes and invest in the mental wellbeing of their employees.

Our latest flagship programme, the Brain Club, focuses on reversing the effects of cognitive impairment and promote mental health through application of the most current research in its field, including the use of virtual reality and microcurrent therapy.

We are a research partner for a virtual reality project to combat dementia by Alzheimer’s Research UK.


Our parent company, Akasaa, is an ecosystem partner at Tunku Abdul Rahman College’s incubator.

In September 2023, the Awake Minds™ Centre inked an industry partnership with the International Medical University of Malaysia (IMU), Malaysia’s first and most established full-fledged private medical and health sciences university.



I've had a stutter since I was young and I was always afraid to talk to people. My confidence has increased so much...In my PT3 exams, I got 6A's and was the best student in my school. My picture even came out in the New Straits Times...I'm finally loving myself all thanks to the Awake Minds™ trainings.



Thank God for the Brain Club!


The Awake Minds™ programme has given me a lot of perspective on life, helped me realise a lot of my inner capabilities and potential. Truly changes a person for the better.


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If someone were to ask me before Awake Minds™ whether I'd choose ethics or money, I would never hesitate...That worried my mum a lot, yet she said she didn't know what to do. Telling me what is right doesn't mean that she could lead me on the right track. She wants to thank you for doing this difficult job for her. Now I know I am able to hold a strong ground on what I believe is right. My weekends are beautiful again because of Awake Minds™.

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